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Hands On Technology Transfer

Hands On IT Training Across North America

Attend face-to-face, remote-live, on-demand or on site at your facility

On-Demand Training with Personal Facilitation

On Site Training

Train Your Team, Department or Company at Your Facility

If you're scheduling training for a group at your facility, you should consider on site training.

  • This focused, cost-effective training option can save you 25-30% or more compared to individual tuition prices.
  • Training at your facility allows us to zero in on your specific requirements and, since we own our courseware, there is no extra charge for curriculum adjustments.
  • Students work together via hands-on lab exercises which strengthens team collaboration and growth.
  • Eliminates the need for costly travel expenses.
  • On site training is available worldwide.

Group Training

If you have a large group to train, we can split them up to save you headaches. Schedule the date you want for training at your site. If some of your people can't make it, they can attend the same class as a public seminar. This allows you to avoid pulling all of your critical personnel out of production at the same time. Extra cost? Usually none! It's your choice. You don't need to train all of your staff at once to save.

Introduction to Programming Days
Learning to Program with Java™ 5 days
Object Oriented Analysis and Design Days
Object Oriented Analysis & Design with UML 4 days

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Multiple Training Locations - Convenience and Cost Control

Attend Regularly Scheduled Courses in More than 100 Cities Across North America and the United Kingdom or via Remote Attendance